About the Villains Of Yesterday
Terry Houser, vocalist for Villains Of Yesterday Carl Klein, guitarist for Villains Of Yesterday John Pagano, bass guitar for Villains Of Yesterday Sean Christopher, guitarist for Villains Of Yesterday Mystery Drummer, drums for Villains Of Yesterday
Terry Houser
lead vocalist
Growing up in a family of musicians gave Terry the opportunity to develop his ear early. He has been performing on stage since a very early age and relishes his roots in the Americana, Power Pop, and Rock genres. Energetic and versatile best describes Terry's urgent vocal style. He jumps to the front by improvising melodies as a direct reaction to the music the band is creating. He has recorded and performed with "The Cooks", "Handsome Devils" and is also currently a member of the hard rock band "Mach Society". Terry has opened shows for "Berlin", "Dave Alvin", "L.A. Guns" and more.

Terry uses Sennheiser microphones and Taylor acoustic guitars.
Carl Klein
Lead and rhythm electric and acoustic guitars
Carl picked up his first guitar as a child while living in Jakarta, Indonesia. With early influences made up of "The Beatles", "Judas Priest", "Scorpions" and "Motley Crue", Carl continues to refine a "loud" style of guitar playing that he has built on throughout his career. Some of his notable bands include grunge rock band "Dandilyon Soup", and a band known for it's experimental keyboards and guitars, "Noxious Weed Inspector". Carl has opened shows with "Zeke", "Supersuckers", "Alice in Chains" and "Soundgarden" and loads of other great bands.

Carl plays Gibson electrics guitars and Orange amplifiers
Mystery Drummer ???
drums and percussion
Through sleet and blinding snow comes thundering drum beats from a brother from another mother, Mystery Drummer. Able to drink a beer in a single beat, "???" knows how to slay them with the pure power of it's "kick drum of the gods"! Check the next show to see his identity revealed to throng of hot, sweaty rock 'n roll masses!!!

John Pagano
electric bass guitar
A.K.A "Jetto", as he is called by close friends, cut his teeth in the music biz on the mean streets of Hollywood performing for acts such as Masquerade, Gadnium, Betrayer and Mystery City and sharing the bill with the Who’s Who of countless late 80’s early 90’s Hollywood rock bands. After a short jaunt in Portland Oregon creating the band Beggar’s Opera, John moved to his permanent home in the City of Seattle. There he has been influential in the Seattle post grunge scene with such bands as: The Lesbian Muff Divers, Men From Mars, The Hell Monkeys, Hartwood, and more recently Guns of Nevada. When not playing with Villains of Yesterday, Jetto is enjoying his own creation of “Country Disco” with Seattle’s one and only, The Disco Cowboys.

Jetto only plays American Basses and Amplifiers/Speaker Cabinets.
Sean Christopher
Lead and rhythm electric and acoustic guitars
Sean spent much of his youth learning to play along with "Metallica" and "Frank Zappa" CDs, before attending the Musicians' Institute in Los Angeles. Sean's previous groups include "Creature of Habit" and "Nickle Bag". He's also shared the stage with the likes of "Gruntruck", Shawn Smith of Brad and has jammed with several other artists up and down the West Coast.

Sean uses Fender Guitars and Mesa Boogie guitar amplifiers
Simply put, “Villains of Yesterday” are a gang of die-hard rock musicians, using a wealth of experience and pop sensibilities to create catchy, captivating original songs and engaging, energetic live performances.
"Villains of Yesterday" (aka "VOY") hit the ground running in January 2010, releasing their first self-produced EP in April of 2010, and their second self-produced full length CD entitled "Zero in the Sun" in June of 2011, and getting ready for the 2015 release "Dead Reckoning".
Determined to play for eager audiences everywhere, the band has shared the stage Kurt Bloch's 'The Fixers' at Seattle's "ShowBox SODO", Shawn Smith (of Brad) and My Sister's Machine during the 2010 Layne Staley Tribute Concert at Seattle's famous "ShowBox at the Market". Other great shows include opening for L.A. Guns, Blackboard Jungle, REO Speedwagon, and legendary rock guitar, Michael Schenker of UFO & Scorpions fame.
Prompted to move beyond their "pop-punk" roots, the band's sound now relies more on dynamics and a broader musical infusion of different styles, while retaining "pop sensiblity" that has garnered the band a reputation for catchy, well written rock songs and emotionally intense live performances.
During the last year, the band has been faced with several external challenges but has remained focusing on songwriting, and solidifying their live show with limited performances.
"There is a great chemistry that is just contagious and we are trying to bring that chemistry, that energy to the next album. We are taking some chances, expanding our sound and it is working" states guitarist Sean Christopher. "Now that we are a five piece group, we are able bring a lot more ideas into the writing process, and we have been letting things happen much more naturally than we did in the past."